Become a MEMBER of Just Like Jack.

As a JLJ Member you will receive some fantastic benefits such as the following:

If you would like to become a Member of JLJ it's really simple, just fill out the form below.

For kids with disabilities please fill out the Standard Membership.

For parents, carers, siblings and others please fill out the Family Membership.

Memberships run from October - September each year. We will be in contact each year to get you all to renew your membership.

Standard Membership

For kids with a disability, please just fill out the below, its that simple. No cost but you receive all the benefits of being part of our wider JLJ family.

Family Membership

Mum, dad, brothers, sisters, grand parents, other family, parent/carer or other. If you would also like to be part of the JLJ family, just fill out the Membership application below, selecting Family Member. Please register as many family members as you like, all those keen to be involved. Its no cost so please become a member. There are different benefits to the kids but lots of other benefits also, like networking and hanging out with other families.